New find!

For anyone with CLOVES (or any other disease) who has uneven sized feet or an overgrown foot, buying shoes can be a really difficult task. It’s been hard for me all my life, and I’ve always had very limited options. Only New Balance has had a pair of shoes that work for me, and they can be very hard and painful to break in. Not only that, but they are noticeably not very attractive shoes!

However, I’ve recently found a pair of shoes that I really like compared to the New Balance pair I’ve been forced to wear all my life. I’ve always wanted a black shoe because it’s way more subtle than a bright white sneaker, and I found a great website when I went looking online.

Big ‘n Wide shoes has a very comfortable, subtle black shoe that fits my large foot so well. It’s the Men’s Added Depth Walking Shoe, and I haven’t worn a pair of shoes this comfortable in my entire life! I hardly even needed to break them in, which is almost unfathomable for me. Normally, it takes me weeks to break my shoes in to finally get a comfortable fit. With this new pair, I think it’s the mesh material and wider fit that really makes it work.

I have 2 pairs: one for everyday wear that I’m okay with getting a little dirty and one I keep clean and tidy for work! I’ve already bought 2 extra backup pairs just incase because you never know how long shoes like these will be available. That’s how much I love these.

The unfortunate thing is that the website doesn’t allow the option to buy 2 different sized shoes–you still have to buy 2 separate pairs. However, they often have coupons they’ll send out so definitely sign up for their emails if that’s something you think you might benefit from. I just got a 20% off coupon for my last pair of shoes, which knocked off a huge chunk of the price.

I’ve also realized that less people notice my foot now that I have a more subtle shoe that tends to blend in with my outfits. I definitely receive less stares because these shoes are simply way less prominent than the sneakers I’ve had to wear in the past. And it feels great, honestly.

I just wanted to share this discovery because I know how difficult it can be to find shoes that fit! If anyone has this similar experience, I would highly suggest checking out this website and this pair of shoes. Below is the type of shoe and what it looks like if anyone wants to search for that specific pair. I’m sure there are plenty of other shoes on this website that could potentially work as well. I hope this new find is helpful! 🙂


Men's Added Depth Walking Shoe
Click here to find this shoe!

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